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Bulgaria joins BBMRI-ERIC as a full Member

Bulgaria joins BBMRI-ERIC as a full Member

Bulgaria has joined the Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium (BBMRI-ERIC) at its Assembly of Members, which took place in Bologna on the 23 rd May 2018.

Bulgaria will be represented by the Medical University – Sofia and becomes the 21st Member. The Medical University – Sofia (MUS) is the biggest university in the field of medical science and biomedical research in Bulgaria. MUS is the coordinating institution of the National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research infrastructure, which has been part of the National Roadmap for RIs since 2014. The Ministry of Education and Science is the financial coordinator of all RIs included in the Roadmap. In the coming months, both the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and MUS will work with BBMRI-ERIC to set up the BBMRI National Node – the national network of Bulgarian biobanks that will interact with BBMRI-ERIC and use and disseminate BBMRI-ERIC services across the country.

To perform high-level, impactful biomedical research and deliver on the promises of personalised medicine, researchers need high-quality human samples that are collected maintaining the highest patient and citizen privacy rights standards and stored in state-of-the-art biobanks according to international quality standards. BBMRI-ERIC brings together more than 500 biobanks from 20 European countries and one international organisation. The BBMRI-ERIC Directory, the largest sample catalogue in the world, allows users to search more than 100 million samples online. BBMRI-ERIC’s mission is to facilitate access to biological resources and biomedical facilities. This makes BBMRI-ERIC and its biobanks a central player when it comes to making new treatments possible.

BBMRI-ERIC is an international, non-for-profit organisation established under EU legislation. Its headquarters are in Graz, Austria, and it has a liaison office in Brussels.

BBMRI-ERIC provides support and services to local biobanks via its National Nodes (one per country). The National Nodes are fully involved in the day-to-day management of BBMRI-ERIC and provide feedback from the national level.

You can read the full official press release at the BBMRI-ERIC website.