Research Groups

Brain tumor (BT)

Another newly established collaboration led to a project funded by National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science. The aim of the project is validation of existing genetic markers in genes coding for Krebs cycle enzymes and identification of novel biomarkers for diagnostics and treatment of malignant glial tumors.

Brain tumors, in particular high-grade gliomas, are characterized by high mortality rate. Often, gliomas with similar clinical features show different behaviour. This raises the issue about new objective approaches for brain tumor characterization. Recently, gliomas have been extensively studied and several clinical and molecular markers have been associated with this type of cancer. In the current project we will integrate clinical, histological, immunohistochemical, genetic, genomic and epigenetic information of high-grade gliomas with the purpose to propose a set of highly specific biomarkers for prognosis and treatment prediction in Bulgarian patients with glial tumors.

Clinical Collaborators:

Assoc. Prof. George Poptodorov, MD, PhD,

Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Gabrovsky, MD, PhD,

Nikolay Velinov, MD, PhD,

Maria Laleva, MD, Neurosurgery Clinic, University Hospital “N. I. Pirogov”;

Assoc. Prof. Margarita Kamenova, MD, PhD, Department of Pathology, University Hospital “N. I. Pirogov”.