Research Groups

Cardiovascular disorders

In the field of cardiovascular disorders MMC has two ongoing projects: Frequency of Primary Allosterism among Patients with High Blood Pressure” and “Markers for the Rate of Progression of the Atherosclerotic Changes in the Vessels - Significance of the Serum and Genetic Markers for Evaluation of the Atherosclerotic Changes in the Vessels”, funded by the National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science.

Scientists from the MMC in collaboration with a clinical group from “St. Ekaterina” University Hospital led by Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Petkov, has recently submitted a grant application, entitled “Role of polymorphisms in CYP2C9 and VKORC1 for the variability in response to therapy with indirect anti-coagulants in Bulgarian patients”. The grant will allow us to study the incidence of functional variants in the two genes in Bulgarian patients with diverse cardio-vascular disorders. The aim of the project is to help with improving the protocols for anti-coagulation therapy and providing basis for dose adjustments, which will ensure lower incidence of unwanted side effects, such as thrombosis, hemorrhages, etc. In addition, we plan to study the association of polymorphic variants in three other genes, namely PROC, CALU, GCCX, with the individual response to therapy.

Members of the group:

Radka Kaneva, PhD

Reni Tzveova, MSc

Clinical collaborators:

Joanna Matrozova, MD, Endocrinology, Gerontology and Nephrology Hospital for Active Treatment, Clinical Centre of Endocrinology,

Nosikov, MD, Department of Cardiology,

Armian Postadgian, MD, PhD,

Assoc. Prof. Margarita Apostolova, PhD