Core / Genomics

The Genomic Core at MMC is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to face the challenges of the modern biomedical research and provide special services in genetics/ genomics of genetic diseases. The introduction of the liquid handling robot Biomek FX and the bar-code reading system allows for the high throughput of the Core.


ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyser (16 capillary array), high throughput PCR engines with 96/384 well thermoblocks, for simultaneous amplification of up to 384/1536 probes, electrophoresis and photo-documentation system, and 7900 HT Fast Real-Time PCR System (384-well plate) with SDS Enterprise Database, RQ Manager software and SNP Manager software.


The available methods of analysis offered involve:

  • DNA amplification by conventional PCR and RT-PCR methods;
  • DNA sequencing;
  • Fragment Analysis;
  • Gene expression analysis;
  • SNP genotyping by TaqMan;
  • SNP genotyping by SNaPShot Technologies;
  • DNA methylation analysis;
  • Melting curve analysis;
  • Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) for molecular-based, region specific copy number assays;
  • SNP genotyping by RFLP.